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Sulphur deficiency (S)

Even though corn, as a summer crop, is less sensitive to an insufficient supply of sulphur than winter cereals for example, sulphur deficiency symptoms may still occur during early development stages, particularly on lighter soils and after heavy rainfall.

Visible symptoms of sulphur deficiency in corn are striping and yellowing of medium-age and younger leaves. Striping and yellowing will affect the entire leaf. Leaf edges will increasingly show narrow, reddish stripes. More pronounced symptoms occurring on sandier field patches are additional indicators of an acute lack of sulphur.

Repeated foliar application of EPSO Top® or EPSO Combitop® are recommended in order to remedy an already existing deficiency. Korn-Kali® with 5% S and ESTA® Kieserit gran. with 20% S are excellent choices for preventive applications, as the contained sulphur is fully water-soluble and is therefore immediately available to plants.

ESTA® Kieserit gran. in combination with NP-fertilizer may be advisable as subsoil application.

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