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Plant Nutrition Webinar Series

Worldwide, plant nutrition is key to some of the main challenges feeding a growing world population. How can plants cope with stress factors caused by climate change? How can we grow plants despite water scarcity? And how to improve our ecological and economical footprints? All these questions are related to the benefits of plant nutrition. Balanced fertilization including all macro- and micro-nutrients is key to gain high yield and quality harvests even under adverse conditions and thus contribute to food security.

 Our interactive webinars provide you with the relevant knowledge on Magnesium, Water Use Efficiency and Nutrient Use Efficiency.

Your benefits as a webinar participant:

  • Compact, effective, fast: A clear and concrete presentation will enable you to acquire all the relevant specialist knowledge.
  • Free of charge, time-efficient: Webinar participation is free of charge. In addition, there are no travel-related costs or loss of time as you participate directly from your PC or mobile device.
  • Interactive: You can ask questions during the webinar and receive direct feedback from the speaker.

Water Use Efficiency

How to Mitigate the Effects of Drought Stress on Crop Production

Datum  September 22, 2020

Uhrzeit  12:00 – 13:00 UTC


Nutrient Use Efficiency

Balanced Fertilisation is Key to Improve Footprints

Datum  October 2, 2020

Uhrzeit  12:00 – 13:00 UTC


Magnesium in Plant Nutrition

Five Key Facts You Need to Know About this Mineral Nutrient

Datum  completed

Uhrzeit  completed


Participating couldn’t be easier:

  • Register now! You will receive your access link by e-mail after registering – and you will receive a reminder again shortly before the webinar.
  • You can participate via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has an internet connection.
  • You can follow the screen presentation and listen in using your loudspeakers/headphones.
  • You can write questions in a text field and the speaker will answer all questions orally. 
  • Would you like more information about webinar participation? You can find our FAQs here (PDF).Or write to us at KALI-Akademie@k-plus-s.com 

About KALI Academy

KALI Academy is the knowledge platform of K+S on plant nutrition. We’ve been actively engaged in conducting research for over 100 years  with the aim of finding agronomic solutions. Such efforts include boosting productivity, increasing soil fertility and the efficient, environmentally-friendly use of resources by way of the balanced application of fertilizers. KALI Academy passes on our knowledge to those who farm by means of webinars, specialist articles and videos. 

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