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EPSO Top® – Cost-effective foliar magnesium and sulphur



  • EPSO Top® is generally applied as a 5% solution (approx. 5kg product per 100l of water). This concentration can generally be applied in combination with crop protection products.
  • Generally EPSO Top® should be applied at a total annual rate of 25kg ha-1 and, in case of lower water volumes, a repeated application is recommended.
  • In the case of severe deficiency and/or visible deficiency symptoms the application rate should be increased up to 50kg ha-1 applied in 2 to 4 split applications.
  • EPSO Top® is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilisers. The instructions of the respective producers must be considered.
  • EPSO Top® can also be applied in an aqueous solution with other liquid fertilisers, ammonium nitrate-urea solutions as well as NP or urea solutions. For this purpose, EPSO Top® also has to be first dissolved in water.


Crop Timing of Application Concentration
Cereals Growth stage 30-71 tillering to flowering 5%*
Oilseed rape From stem extension to bud development 5%
Peas, beans Pre-flowering 5%
Potatoes Combined with fungicide program 3-5%
Beet At row closure 5%
Fruits At fruit set, with scab treatment, repeatedly 2-3%
Hops 2 to 3 times until flowering 2-5%
Vines Until early August, 1 to 2 times 2-5%
Vegetables Combined with fungicide/insecticide treatment 2-5%
Conifers Repeatedly in the case of yellowing or browning 2-5%
Greenhouses With drip irrigation 2-5%

*corresponding to 5kg EPSO Top® per 100 l of water

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