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EPSO Top® – Cost-effective foliar magnesium and sulphur




  • Two critical phases during cereal growth determine the application timing of EPSO Top®. Visible magnesium deficiency symptoms often occur at the start of tillering. Another critical phase is during grain filling and ripening.
  • A high magnesium and sulphur content is essential to keep the flag leaf green thus ensuring continued photosynthesis.  


Oilseed rape

  • Brassica crops are known for their susceptibility to Mg and S deficiency.
  • EPSO Top® should be repeatedly applied as a foliar spray from stem extension to the flowering stage in order to meet the magnesium and sulphur requirement of the plants.  


Sugar beet

  • A foliar application with EPSO Top® at row closure secures the yield as well as the quality formation of the beet
  • The primary effect is that with an EPSO Top® application, the nitrogen metabolism can proceed optimally; therefore, resulting in improved quality and yield.  



  • When flowering and tuber initiation stages co-incide, the potato plant requires the highest magnesium and sulphur concentrations.
  • The supply via the leaf keeps the photosynthesis rate constant with the result that during the tuber formation phase no deficiency situation occurs.  



  • The EPSO Top® application is carried out together with the crop protection treatments shortly before or at flowering and is repeated during the burr stage (3-4 weeks post-flowering) as during this period the Mg and S requirement is at its peak.  



  • The green asparagus fern is responsible for developing the reserve assimilates for the coming spring and thus determines the yield for the following year.
  • Magnesium deficiency quickly results in yellowing and decaying of the asparagus fern and consequently shortens the storage phase of reserve assimilates. One or two treatments with EPSO Top® can counteract this effect. Application rate: 50kg EPSO Top® ha-1 annually.
  • Because of the relatively small green mass of asparagus the EPSO Top® concentration could be increased up to approx. 10% (10kg EPSO Top 100l-1 water).  



  • Christmas trees and spruce show often discolorations on their needles. During growth the discolorations change from bright green to yellow up to brown – typically for magnesium deficiency. To reduce deficiencies a repeat application program is recommended to achieve an intensive green and blue needle colouration. 


EPSO Top® can be used universally for all crops and is suitable for all soil types.

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