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ESTA® Kieserit 26 fine
Magnesium and Sulphur – naturally!



ESTA® Kieserit 26 fine is highly suitable for many uses in agriculture, horticulture, special crops, plantations and forestry. 


  • ESTA® Kieserit 26 fine is suitable for amelioration of soils with poor magnesium status and is recommended to apply after harvest or prior to sowing.
  • ESTA® Kieserit 26 fine can be surface-applied and does not require incorporation, which could possibly affect root development particularly in plantation crops. The best application time for perennial crops is prior to the main growth period.
  • For annual crops, ESTA® Kieserit 26 fine is applied as a basal dressing in autumn or late winter. On sandy soils and under high rainfall conditions, an application in early spring as a basal or top dressing is recommended. For maize, subsurface fertilisation together with N- and P-fertilisers has proved to be effective.


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