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To determine the required amount of Patentkali® the following factors have to be considered:  

  • the potassium and magnesium requirement of the crop or the crop rotation.
  • the potassium and magnesium supply and dynamics in the soil (site conditions).
  • the varying requirements of the different crops, regarding the accompanying nutrients (e.g. magnesium requirement of potatoes, sulphur requirement of brassicas).
  • The quantity of nutrients applied through organic fertilisers.


The recommendation shown in the table below can be taken as a guideline for the fertilisation of some important crops with a medium soil K content. Organic manures are not taken into account.


Crop Patentkali® (kg ha-1)
Potatoes 600-1,200
Cabbage and root vegetables 800-1,200
Fruit plantations 400-600
Grape vine 300-400
Soft fruits 600-800
Leafy vegetables 600-800
Forestry 300-500

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