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Patentkali® – Delivering quality



  • Patentkali® is particularly suitable for nutrient supply to chloride sensitive agricultural, horticultural and forestry crops due to its low chloride content of max. 3% Cl.
  • In certain crops, dramatically reduced atmospheric sulphur depositions are already increasingly leading to S deficiency symptoms, which can only be prevented with a sufficient sulphur application. Patentkali®, with a guaranteed 42.5% sulphur (SO3) content is able to alleviate this deficiency due to the immediate plant availability of its nutrients.
  • Patentkali® is highly suitable for use in starch potatoes, potatoes for processing, vegetables, fruits, grape, vine, sunflowers and other special purpose crops.
  • Patenkali® can be safely applied to all crops until shortly before the drilling or planting date.
  • On light soils, Patentkali® should be applied in spring to avoid potential nutrient losses during the winter.

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