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soluCN® – the ideal source for calcium and nitrogen



Calcium Nitrate 15.5 – 0 – 0 + 26.6 CaO
15.5 % N Total Nitrogen
14.4 % NO3-N Nitrate Nitrogen
1.1 % NH4-N Ammoniacal Nitrogen
26.5 % CaO Calcium Oxide



  • soluCN® provides calcium and nitrate with the highest possible concentration (26.5 % CaO and 15.5 % N) in a rapidlyplant available form during all growth stages.
  • soluCN® possesses a low salt index and a relatively neutral pH.
  • Nitrogen in soluCN®, which is important for balancing the ion concentration, improves the uptake of other cations such as potassium and magnesium.
  • soluCN® improves the plant resistance to many pests and diseases, and increases fruit quality and shelf life.
  • soluCN® will rapidly replenish the Ca requirement and improve the plant vigor and growth even when Ca availability is reduced due to low plant transpiration. 
  • Download: Techical Data Sheet (PDF)

Acute Tox. 4(Oral) / Eye Dam. 1


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