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  • soluMOP® is ideally suited for use in fertigation systems (sprinkling and drip irrigation systems).
  • soluMOP® is also highly suited as a foliar fertiliser for application with plant protection sprayers.
  • soluMOP® can be used in both open-field crops and in the cultivation of protected crops (soil and substrate-based systems).
  • soluMOP® can be mixed with most plant protection products and liquid fertilisers. Note: It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • soluMOP® should not be sprayed onto foliage in direct sunlight.
  • To achieve a high degree of efficiency for the absorption of nutrients, foliar fertilisation operations should be ideally conducted during morning and evening hours.
  • The dosing of soluMOP® depends on numerous factors such as plant type, variety, age, stage of development, yield expectation, growth duration, nutrient requirements, temperature and the substrates used and in general should not exceed 5% w/v.
Solubility in Water
temperature (°C) 10 20 40
w (KCl) 23.8% 25.5% 28.7%

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