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soluSOP® 52 organic – the ideal source for potassium and sulphur



soluSOP® 52 organic for foliar application

Foliar applications of soluSOP® 52 organic will rapidly supply the high demand of potassium (K) and sulphur (S) nutrients, which, especially in the peak vegetative stages, cannot be up-taken in sufficient quantities from the soil solution.

Such foliar applications will also remove early deficiency symptoms of S and especially K, thus avoiding growth inhibition and yield loss.

Foliar applications of soluSOP® 52 organic have to be performed only complementary to soil applications. Foliar applications are recommended with concentrations of 0.5 – 5 %. These applications vary based on crop variety, age, soil and climatic conditions. soluSOP® 52 organic is compatible with other fertilisers and organic or conventional pesticides; however, it should not be mixed with calcium containing chemicals. Please follow the instruction of the other mixing agent(s) before mixing and application.

soluSOP® 52 organic for fertigation

soluSOP® 52 organic is suitable for all irrigation types including conventional, high-pressure and low-pressure systems such as drip irrigation. The low salt index of this product makes it suitable for a large variety of crops especially young orchards or all crops that are susceptible to salt stress.

soluSOP® 52 organic is compatible with most of the fertilisers except the ones containing calcium. The dosage of application in fertigation depends on the crop, growth stage, soil nutritional status, yield expectation and general environmental conditions.

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