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KALISOP® Premium max. 1.5% Cl
It’s the first choice for your top quality fertiliser blends



  • KALISOP® Premium is particularly suitable for plants with a high sulphur requirement (oilseed rape, sunflower brassicas, onion, leek etc.) due to its high sulphur content (43,7% SO3). Apart from that anadequate sulphur supply improves the nitrogen-use efficiency.
  • KALISOP® Premium is ideal for crops with a high sulphur demand. Sulphur improves the efficiency of Nitrogen-fertiliser and has a positive influence on yield and quality.
  • KALISOP® Premium improves the colour intensity of fruits and vegetables. The sugar and acid content is increased and the aroma intensified. The marketable fruits are more attractive to the customer.
  • KALISOP® Premium increases the strength of the plant tissues in fruits and vegetables and consequently the storage and transportability of the end-product as well as the suitability for processing and preservation.

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