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Boron deficiency (B)

Boron deficiency will cause dieback of terminals (buds) and of the connective tissue between stems and stalks. Leaves will curl downward, show discolorations and will develop necroses on the surface of the leaf blades and between veins (insides of veins drying up). These symptoms will first appear on the plant’s lower parts (older leaves) and will slowly move up to its tip. Flowering will be impaired, and in case of extended, acute deficiency stalks may break and flower heads may fall of.

Treatment: If the risk of boron deficiency is known boron should be applied as a preventive measure, at the time of sowing. It is however possible to determine the soil’s boron content by conducting a soil analysis. It may also be advisable to apply EPSO Microtop® during the vegetation period, either once or repeatedly.

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