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Mar 12, 2018

For Herbicide Application Strong Plants Are Especially Important

Spring is at the door step and so are the first plant protection measures. If the use of herbicide combination with Carfrentazone- based “burners” and “bleachers” is intended, growers are well advised to take care of good supply of Sulphur to the young plants. Sulphur is essential for the breakdown of the active ingredients via the Glutathion-S-Transferase within the plants’ metabolism that increases the tolerance of the young growing shoots. This is of particular importance after the rainfalls of autumn and winter. As substantial amounts of Magnesium and Sulphur have been leached into lower soil horizons, where they are no longer accessible to the developing young roots.

Advantages of a Magnesium and Sulphur Fertilisation with ESTA Kieserit

  • Sulphur increases the compatibility of plant protection measures by supporting the decomposition and metabolisation the active ingredients.
  • In addition Sulphur guaranties high protein and oil contents and is hence indispensable for crop quality.
  • Magnesium in the plants‘ leaves converts the energy of sunlight into sugars and starch and is essential for the transport into other plant organs, such as roots where adequate carbohydrate supply is responsible for root extension.
  • Magnesium and Sulphur promote the uptake and the incorporation of nitrogen and phosphorus and thus optimize efficiency.


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