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EPSO Microtop® – For vegetables, potatoes, fruit and sugar beet


EPSO Microtop®

Magnesium Sulphate with micro-nutrients 15+31
15 % MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide
31 % SO3 water-soluble sulphur trioxide
0.9 % B water-soluble boron
1 % Mn water-soluble manganese



  • EPSO Microtop® is a quick acting foliar fertiliser, containing the nutrients magnesium and sulphur as well as boron and manganese. All nutrients are water-soluble.
  • EPSO Microtop® meets the increasing crop requirement of micronutrients.
  • EPSO Microtop® can be fully absorbed directly through the leaf and therefore starts acting immediately.
  • EPSO Microtop® quickly and reliably alleviates magnesium, sulphur, boron and manganese deficiencies in growing crops.
  • EPSO Microtop® is particularly suitable for use as a preventative application to avoid deficiency situations before they occur.
  • EPSO Microtop® allows a quick, targeted and accurate application of boron and manganese in combination with magnesium and sulphur.
  • EPSO Microtop® is approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.

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