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ESTA® Kieserit gran.
Crop available magnesium and sulphur


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Magnesium – fully water-soluble 

The efficiency of a magnesium fertiliser depends considerably on its chemical properties which relate directly to the products solubility.

ESTA® Kieserit gran. is highly effective because of its great water solubility and hence immediate and complete plant availability.


Many soils are inherently magnesium deficient, particularly light textured and/or acid soils. Additionally, high calcium concentrations in the soil solution impede the magnesium availability on calcareous soils and soils with a high pH. Kieserite, especially under such conditions, guarantees an optimal magnesium supply to the plants through its pH independent solubility.



Significantly reduced atmospheric sulphur depositions and continued use of highly concentrated fertiliser with a low sulphur content has led in many regions to sulphur deficiency in crops. ESTA® Kieserit gran. can ameliorate this deficiency effectively. Additionally, an efficient sulphur supply to the plants improves the nitrogen use efficiency and therefore results in a more effective utilisation of applied nutrients.

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