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Magnesia-Kainit® – The cost effective answer for grassland and sugar beet production



Kainit 9 (+4+35+9)
9 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide
4 % MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide
35 % Na2O total sodium oxide
9 % SO3 water-soluble sulphur trioxide (= 3,6 % S)
47 % Cl Chloride



  • Magnesia-Kainit® is a mined crude potash salt, containing the valuable mineral kieserite.
  • Magnesia-Kainit® with potash, magnesium, sodium and sulphur is a particularly cost-effective fertiliser suitable for application to grassland, forage crops and sugar beet.
  • Magnesia-Kainit® may also be used as an effective product for other sodium loving crops (eg. carrots, fodder beet, chard, asparagus etc.)
  • All nutrients are 100 % water-soluble and therefore immediately available to crops.
  • The solubility is unaffected by the soil pH and is therefore suitable for use on all soil types.
  • With 35 % Na2O, Magnesia-Kainit® significantly improves the palatability of pastureland.
  • Magnesia-Kainit® is a unique K fertiliser because it is balanced with sodium and magnesium to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders in livestock.
  • Application of Magnesia-Kainit® to grass has a direct and measurable effect on the mineral content of the forage
  • Magnesia-Kainit® is a coarse fertiliser. The granule size spectrum ensures accurate spreading at bouth widths upto 36m.
  • Magnesia-Kainit® is, as a crude salt, approved according to regulation (EC)848/2018 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.
  • Magnesia-Kainit® is also certified by the Soil Association for use in organic agriculture (Certified, Restricted).

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