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soluMAP® – the ideal source for nitrogen and phosphorus



NP fertiliser 12+61
12 % NH4-N ammoniacal nitrogen
61 % P2O5 water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide



  • soluMAP® is a fully water-soluble phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) fertiliser, with highly concentrated phosphorus (61 % P2O5).
  • soluMAP® is especially well-suited for plants during the first growth stage, when phosphorus is most needed for the establishment of roots.
  • soluMAP® is free of sodium and chloride.
  • soluMAP® has a moderately low pH level in aqueous solution.
  • soluMAP® is suitable for all fertigation systems as well as for foliar application.
  • soluMAP® enhances the phosphorous availability in the soil, due to the present ammonium (NH4+) and the consequent pH-level decrease in the root zone.
  • Download: Techical Data Sheet (PDF)

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