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soluSOP® 52


soluSOP® 52

Sulphate of potash 52 (+45)
52 % K2
45 % SO3 



  • soluSOP® 52 is a fully water soluble fertiliser and an ideal source for potassium (K) and sulphate (S) supply to crops.

  • soluSOP® 52 provides both potassium and sulphur with the highest possible concentration (52 % K2O; 45 % SO3) in a rapidly available form.

  • soluSOP® 52 is virtually free of chloride and sodium, therefore it is suitable for a wide range of crops, especially for the ones which are sensitive to chlorine and salt in the soil.

  • soluSOP® 52 possesses a low salt index, which will avoid initial salt stress to the roots in the early growth phases or in young orchards. Moreover, due to its acidic pH, soluSOP® 52 is highly soluble and can be used even in areas with suboptimal irrigation water quality.

  • soluSOP® 52 has the potential to satisfy both the potassium and sulphur demand of crops making it a very suitable fertiliser for the whole growth period fitting a wide range of crops and orchards.

  • soluSOP® 52 application not only ensures crop growth and yield increase, but also improves crop quality as well as enhancing the tolerance to abiotic stresses such as drought and frost.

  • soluSOP® 52 can be used in both foliar applications and fertigation systems as well as fertiliser blends.

Eye Dam. 1 / Skin Corr. 1B / STOT SE 3  

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